Bereavement and Hospice Materials

Anne Milligan is a psychotherapist in private practice. Having worked directly in Hospice bereavement for several years, she is now a consultant to Hospices all over the country and abroad. Anne Milligan is also a professional singer and songwriter who has produced a recording of Hospice music entitled "When You Came Into My Life". Please scroll down this page to find a variety of topics related to Hospice and Palliative Care. To e-mail Anne Milligan directly, CLICK HERE

  • Click this link for information on Anne Milligan's Hospice Music
  • Anne Milligan has created a ritual format (an "honoring ceremony") to  help hospice families prepare successfully for the the loss of a loved one.  She has presented this format at a national hospice conference in 2000 and at many state conferences. The format for facilitors of the "Flow of Life" honoring ceremony is contained in an educational packet which contains 2 CD's  and a training manual. For more information, and to order this material,
  • Anne Milligan presents to state and national hospice conferences on self-care for hospice workers, with the goal of reducing the incidences of burnout/compassion fatigue. She has created a meditation CD entitled "Into the Light" which is intended to introduce caregivers to self-care via a guided meditation practice. For more information, CLICK HERE

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