How To Set Yourself Up for Success in Therapy
with the "Power of Intention"


Congratulations to you for taking a step toward change by coming to this website
Your perspective and personal attitude toward therapy will make a huge difference,
right from the very beginning.

Here are a few notes & suggestions to help you get started:
• Ask yourself "What is my intention for therapy"? Don’t stop asking yourself that question until you come up with a clear answer. What is the final thing (the end result) that you want to see happen, once therapy is over? Go ahead and think about that right now, (see the end result in your mind as clearly as possible), and write down a few things you come up with. (Don’t peek at the next paragraph until you complete this thought process)

• Next, (even if you did peek at this paragraph first), ask yourself if your ideas about therapy involve MORE CHANGE FOR YOURSELF or MORE CHANGE FOR SOMEONE ELSE.

• The answer to the above question will make a huge difference in the outcome of your therapy. The great miracle of successful therapy is that any real change that will ever last or have any meaning in your life is change that takes place WITHIN YOU. Ask yourself if your approach to therapy involves MORE CONTROL or MORE DESIRE FOR PERSONAL GROWTH AND CHANGE. Chances are that if your intention is set on control, you will just go around and around and never get anywhere. You will be frustrated. You will be angry at your therapist for not making someone else change. You will blame your therapist for not doing anything. This is not good.

• When I say "setting your intention" on something, I am basically just saying to make a private, mental note to yourself to do something. You and I do this all the time. You tell yourself to remember to put your keys where you can find them next time, etc. The best and most effective mental intentions take place when you deliberately set your mind on something and keep your mind and thoughts focused long enough to make it stick. Your first intention about therapy, like I said before, will make a huge difference. Make a mental note to yourself right now that you are going to stay open to change. Tell yourself that you are ready for personal change. You probably would not have come to this therapy website if you were not ready for change. Some part of you may still believe that change involves changing someone else, but you must not believe that. If your efforts at changing other people had worked before, you probably wouldn’t be needing therapy. You’d be satisfied with absolute power and that doesn’t happen for anyone, except God.

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