The Flow of Life: A Family Ritual for Closure in Hospice

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Have you ever lost someone you cared about and wished you had expressed to that person how much you appreciated them before they died?

Do you have positive memories, thoughts and feelings regarding your parents, spouse, sibling, etc., that you would like to express before he/she passes on?

Does your family harbor old losses that were never resolved together as a family, and sit festering and awaiting resolution?

Are you currently anticipating the loss of someone important to you?

Have you lost someone important to you recently?

Do you work with or care for someone whose life you would like to honor in a ceremony, while they are still alive, to express how important they have been to you, to others, and to life?

The "Flow of Life" format is a celebration of one's life history, a therapeutic "transitional ritual" which provides a forum for honoring a person either while he/she is alive or as a memorial service after death. The primary function of the honoring ceremony is to engage the honored person, friends and family in a collective life review which deepens meaning and helps ease them toward successful closure. The model is structured enough to contain the essential elements, but leaves plenty of space for the unique contributions of each family. Many families across the country have used this honoring ceremony format in both English and Spanish, as a way to honor an aging parent even if he/she is not necessarily a hospice patient.

Anne Milligan is a Licensed Therapist and a consultant to Hospice. She has created numerous healing workshops and musical recordings. For more information about Anne Milligan, CLICK HERE

Anne created the "Flow of Life" honoring ceremony format in 1999 and delivered the topic at the 2nd Joint Clinical Conference on Hospice and Palliative Care in March of 2001. Since then, hundreds of hospices, individuals, and families around the country have purchased these materials.  For more information about loss in families,CLICK HERE

Ordering the "Flow of Life" Manual, CD, and Facilitators' training DVD 3-Piece Set

The manual provides background information, readings, and guidelines for facilitators.
The CD,"In the Flow of Life", can be used directly with families in the honoring ceremony and includes verbal guidelines for facilitators,
original reflections on family and music.  To hear the opening reflection in Spanish and English from Track 2 of the CD "In the Flow of Life", CLICK HERE. Track 1 of the CD has the same reflection, but in English only.
The "Flow of Life Facilitators' Training" DVD includes inspirational visuals, music, teaching screens, and segments from an actual honoring ceremony.

To read some testimonies from others who have facilitated and/or participated in "Flow of Life" honoring ceremonies, CLICK HERE

To order the entire set by mail, send a check or money order in the amount of $49.95 to:
Anne Milligan, LCSW
8009 Schroering Drive
Louisville, KY 40291
(Please put "Flow of Life set" on the subject line)

To order the "Flow of Life" (manual, CD, and DVD) set ($49.95 each set) by PayPal, click the box below.


A separate music CD by Anne Milligan entitled "When You Came Into My Life" can be found at the Hospice Music
A separate recording of an individual song of blessing and sending for hot air balloonists who have lost someone to death can be found by

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