Anne Milligan, LCSW


If you have already scheduled an appointment (or in the process of setting up an appointment) with Anne Milligan, please print this page and then  e-mail the following information by CLICKING HERE

(Please be assured that no one can access this information but Anne Milligan)

Client Name
Client Date of Birth
The name of your insurance company
The phone number of your insurance company, on the back of your insurance card
Your insurance member ID #
Your address
Your phone number (home, work and cell)
The name of the insured person on the card
The date of birth of the insured
The address of the insured (if different from yours)

The following information can be found by calling the customer service number on the back of your insurance card:
Is this for "Employee Assistance" benefit, or regular mental health?
Your copay amount (if any)
Deductible amount (if any)
Prior authorization number (if required)

If you have any problem accessing this information, please call Anne Milligan at the number above or send an e-mail by CLICKING HERE

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