By, Anne Milligan, LCSW

You’ve heard the phrase, “the Spirit hovers over chaos?” This is often what it feels like (chaos, that is) when our world seems to be falling apart and nothing seems to be going right. Maybe a relationship we depended upon goes sour, we reach an emotional stopping point and depression sets in, or maybe someone we love dies and we feel alone and orphaned. Sometimes, we just can’t “put a finger on” the problem, but we just aren’t content inside ourselves. It is in these times of chaos and massive change that God’s Spirit truly is at work. It just takes some time to see the truth in it. The fact is, God in Jesus Christ promised to give us His Spirit that will continue to teach us and lead us forward, but change and detachment is often required and WE JUST DON’T LIKE THAT!! We mortals really like what is familiar, and we resist change like the plague. But even our greatest efforts to push down internal problems doesn’t make them go away. Like a powerful body of water trying to break through a dam, the Spirit of God will just keep working on us, through life circumstances, through our dreams, even through our emotional pain until we break loose and allow that new thing to happen. A form of therapy called “Narrative Therapy” teaches that, in the mere telling of one’s story to another person, something new is automatically created in our life story. In therapy, we learn that all feelings are okay if they are allowed to be expressed genuinely, that mercy and forgiveness abound for us if we are willing to be true to ourselves, and with each new release of the “old stuff” from our past a clear path is opened for God to bring forth more of the truth from within us. The miracle of therapy is that, once the healing takes place within us, things just naturally fall together in the world outside ourselves. We find that, if God is at work, we are truly being transformed more and more into the glory of God. And that’s beautiful. FOR MORE INFORMATION, SCROLL DOWN TO THE ARTICLES BELOW.
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Over 25 years ago, I set out upon my own "vision quest" to try and find my place in the world and reconcile the "religion" of my childhood with a "spirituality" I knew I could believe in and live fully. At the time, I would not have guessed that the majority of my spiritual growth was meant to be inward, in the place of the heart, and would grow right out of the deep wounds of my childhood. But that is exactly what happened. Christians can take to heart the following information for their own inner healing and spiritual growth:

The Spirit of God is ALWAYS working in our lives to promote inner healing, so that we might grow back into the true person we were in the beginning of our time on earth. Instead of living out our own particular truth, we often seem to draw to ourselves a reflection of the negative thoughts and feelings that lie deep inside us, areas that need to come to the light, and be touched by the love and mercy of God. We can often see this in our relationships, as we may continue to move in and out of relationships with the same kind of person and the same kind of negative outcome. The Spirit of God will not be satisfied with complacency. We either grow forward or backward. Our relationships will change outwardly as we change inwardly. "The kingdom of God is within us".

I have always been particularly blessed to work in therapy with people who have God in their lives. I am amazed at how much more grace abounds in therapy, especially in hypnotherapy, when the defenses are down, when there is a measure of surrender, so that the Spirit can truly work wonders shining God's light into the deeper recesses of the subconscious mind, where we have stored painful memories from our past. It is beautiful to see what happens when the love of God touches those places that have needed attention for a such a long time.

Another thing I have noticed in being a therapist for a long time is that most of us don't seem to really like ourselves, much less love ourselves. When we can't really love ourselves, when we can't sense the blessedness of our very existence in God, it is hard to give much true love out. Our relationships tend to be more needy than truly loving. In the following section is a meditation that I share with you. Parts of it are borrowed from the book "Feelings Buried Alive Never Die..." by Karol K. Truman. This meditation is most effective if you practice it daily. If you are interested in getting this meditation on tape or CD, with music, send an e-mail to Anne Milligan at Amill2nm@aol.com

A Meditation to Process Feelings of Low Self-Esteem

Begin by finding a quiet place, free of interruptions, where you can relax and close your eyes. Take a deep breath through your nose and let it out slowly through your mouth. Take another deep breath in the same way, only this time hold your breath at the top of the full inhalation for three full counts, and then let it out slowly through your mouth. Do this deep breathing and holding technique three times. You are now ready to begin. Pray the following:

Spirit of God,

Please locate the origin of the feeling or thoughts that keep me from loving myself.

Resolve the origin of these negative feelings toward myself perfectly, with God’s truth.

Come forward in time, healing every incident based upon the origin, according to God’s will; heal every memory until I’m at the present, filled with light and truth, God’s peace and love, forgiveness of myself for my incorrect perceptions; forgiveness of every person, place, circumstance and event which has contributed to these negative thoughts and feelings about myself.

With total forgiveness and unconditional love, I delete the old memories that caused me to not love myself. I delete those memories from my entire being, release them, and let them go now PERMANENTLY . I feel
(Replace the old negative feelings with appropriate positive thoughts or feelings about yourself) and say them out loud at least three times):

I allow every physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problem, and inappropriate behavior based on the old feelings to quickly disappear.

Thank you Holy Spirit for coming to my aid and helping me to attain the full measure of my creation. Thank you. I love you and praise God from whom all blessings flow. Amen.

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